J. & A. Bonnici Ltd. has a complete in-house pre-press and packaging development studio. The studio comprise of highly experienced teams with technical and creative expertise and all the requisite equipment to cater to every client’s repro needs.

Our repro teams not only ensure that the customer’s expectations are met in terms of colour and graphic reproduction, and regulatory compliance but also enable a reduced turnaround time and cost for pre-press development work. Clients are guaranteed a quality product with absolute confidentiality of the job, and marketing teams can take quick decisions for product launches.

Our capabilities include:

  • Specialised software for computer aided structural pack design

  • High-end samplemakers for accurate cutting and creasing of instant dummies

  • Entire digital workflow

  • Advanced technology for digital proofs on actual substrate

  • High-end Computer-to-Plate (CTP) exposing system



Our partners include names such as MAN Roland, Iberica, Delta and Fuji.

Our processes include all the necessary technology to provide clients with the best product consistently in the require lead time.

We print using top end high speed multi-color presses with conventional capabilities to high end and accurate finishing equipment capable of working on complex folding profiles.


 Our partners include:

access-logo Delta

fuji manroland