J. & A. Bonnici Ltd. is the leading carton packaging manufacturer in Malta. Our carton packaging ranges between toy and game cartons to files and folders printed in multiple colours with various coating finishes, with our without embossing. Just in time production methods are utilised offering you the convenience of dedicated stock holding in our warehouse and a delivery exactly when needed. We produce our cartons using low-migration inks and varnishes, fully compliant with EU legislation.

Another area in which we specialise is blister packaging. We can produce blister cards in up to 900 microns in thickness, printed in full colour on both sides with a guaranteed PET blister adhesion.

We also offer the service of producing samples in various materials for our clients. This is useful when clients need to build packaging from scratch – we offer a full service through our in-house CAD studio where we produce innovative packaging designs giving maximum impact and product visibility on the shelf. We produce a large range of packaging including sleeves and pillow boxes together with display cartons.


Get in touch with us outlining your requirements and we will be sure to meet your packaging expectations in the fastest possible time, from initial idea through to the delivered product.